Never say no

How to say no to a toddler has a good take on saying no to a toddler.

I’ve tried to be fairly easy going like that with the boy from the start. (Though I’m conscious having read that post that I may have become less so recently.) I cringe when I see the parents who are constantly telling their children not to do things.

Baby B is 14 months though so I think Dad Without A Map might find it trickier to hold back the no as Baby B starts to build his personality and become more assertive, as I’ve noticed The Boy do as he moved up to and past two years old.

Two things I’ve tried and realised are definitely non-starters for us are reason and bargaining…

It doesn’t matter if more Sarah & Duck can be had tomorrow. Dictators live in the right now! And when that toddler sets their mind on something, trying to change their mind is like trying to get them into a pushchair during a full-on tantrum.

“Pick your battles” is a phrase I’ve always kept in mind, because ultimately when you tell your toddler no and they don’t like it, you might as well have declared war! I ask myself “does it really matter?” and guess what… most of the time, it doesn’t.

Never say no

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